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Helping Hands for a Brighter Future

At Progressive ABA Therapy Group, our mission is simple and two-fold. We strive to provide effective, individualized, and evidence behavioral treatment to individuals who need our

assistance. We believe collaboration and a team-focused approach is essential to achieving

meaningful behavior change. Secondly, we strive to provide an environment that is progressive

and open to change while relying on evidence-based methods and interventions. We hope the

therapy process will be personally enriching for everyone involved including the client, their

families, and our staff.

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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten

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A Behavioral Healthcare Center of Excellence

Progressive ABA Therapy Group is again an accredited Behavioral Healthcare Center of Excellence (BHCOE) with a 1-year accreditation from 2022-2023! We are proud to receive this accreditation as it represents our commitment to our staff, families, and individuals we service daily.

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Progressive ABA Therapy Group offers applied behavior analysis (ABA) services to help clients and their families. ABA uses reinforcement, prompting, and other behavior-analytic methods to teach new skills and reduce challenging behaviors. All services are designed by state and nationally-licensed behavior analysts. Click below to see the specific types of services we offer.


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