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Our Commitment to Quality

Progressive ABA Therapy Group is committed to provided the highest quality services to clients and their family. To meet this goal, we seek out feedback from client families, our clinicians, and our own internal audits. 

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Parent Satisfaction

Assessing parent and caregiver satisfaction with treatment is a critical was to make sure the services we provide are acceptable and effective. Progressive ABA Therapy Group uses several research driven methods for assessing the acceptability, feasibility, and appropriateness of our treatments. ​To help us reach our goal, Progressive ABA Therapy Group utilized the Acceptability of Intervention Measure (AIM), Feasibility of Intervention Measure (FIM), and the Intervention Appropriateness Measure (IAM) to evaluate parent and caregiver's opinion on the acceptability, feasibility, and appropriateness of our treatments (Weiner et al., 2017). Progressive ABA Therapy Group is proud of our high parent satisfaction ratings (see below)

Staff/Clinician Satisfaction

Progressive ABA Therapy Group uses open feedback systems to get information on how we can best support our clinicians and staff. We believe that doing so allows them to provide the best treatment possible to their clients. We use QR Codes posted throughout our facility allow staff to provide feedback and make requests in real time. Monthly staff and supervisor meetings are also used to ensure our team has a forum to communicate. 

Internal Audits and Quality Control

Progressive ABA Therapy Group uses internal auditing procedures to evaluate how closely we follow best practices standards in our field. Audits are conducted on the quality of our records of services, integrity of interventions, management of behavioral episodes, and use of interventions. We use this data to ensure that our treatments are being delivered correctly, keep our team accountable, and find and mitigate issues when they arise. 

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